The moments you’ve never truly seen, yet the ones your life is composed of.

Also ... how your husband looks at you, the moments where you reach out to one another like it’s second nature, the way your face softens when your kiddos share something otherwise unremarkable with all the wonder in the world, and the smile lines slowly being defined by your little family.

I’ll capture the extraordinary frenzy of your every day that leaves you utterly exhausted, but wildly grateful.

Yes, your outfits are a little cuter and the toys typically strewn across the living room are neatly shoved into the “nevermind that” corner. Other than that though, you’ll simply be exactly as you are.

You’d be surprised how photographable couch snuggles, frenzied laughter, and your daily normal can be. So, let your kiddos show me their ballerina twirls, their latest artistic genius scribbles, how fast they can race their sibling across the park, and their favorite toy of that minute. Just being entirely themselves—indoors or outdoors, anywhere and everywhere.

Really, your session isn’t much different than any other day—which is kinda the point.


“Areli captured EVERYTHING I could ever want in our family pictures! She was great with our little ones, and I love the candid shots she took!”


After noticing your little ones becoming big with every passing day, you decide it’s time to get a family session on the books. You find me and send off an inquiry.


Once we get to chatting you want to get photos done sooner rather than later so I send over your proposal, contract, and deposit.


Now, I’m the one with questions. You’ll receive a questionnaire asking about all about your hopes, vision, and worries for the session.


We have a quick 15-30 minute consultation to connect and dream up the perfect session. You’ll tell me your family disclaimers and concerns, then I’ll kindly put them to bed!


In hopes to quell some stress, I’ll pop in and out of your inbox with guides for how to choose what to wear and ways to prep for the day.


Knock knock — it’s picture day! We’ll relieve the stranger shyness spell with some games and before you know it controlled chaos will ensue with me clicking away.


For 3 weeks you’ll wonder about what moments were captured and then before you know it you’ll receive your gallery ... I guarantee it’s better than imaginable.


Oh! I almost forgot! Step 8, set an annual photo session date—because, gosh, we want to remember it all don't we?


Life has enough moving pieces so let’s make this whole thing easy peasy.

Let’s start with these answers and go from there!

Easy! Inquire through my contact page here.

How do I book?

Neutral or a color palette (not just one color) are great options—I’ll send you a guide! As a mama myself I know the stress of trying to color match outfits, scouring closets, and realizing that dress doesn’t fit like you remember it. It’s too much, which is exactly why I created a guide to help you prepare for your session and relieve any worry about what to wear.

What do we wear for our session?

It's tough being a tiny person and even as adults we have our off days! We’ll start off our time together playing games and settling in, more often than not by the time we actually start they are excited and ready to shine. And if that’s not the case, that’s also totally okay! They can have their space to regroup and while you’ve giving them hugs I can focus on other family members. Trust me, it’ll look so fun they’ll want to join back in.

What if my kids don't want to cooperate or get upset?

Oh, you mean life happened? We don’t schedule runny noses, torrential downpours, or inconvenience upending our days. Simply email me and we can figure out another time!

**a small rescheduling fee may apply

What if I need to reschedule?

3 weeks after your session—I promise it’s worth the wait!

When will I receive my images?

For outdoor sessions, typically 1-1.5 hours before sunset! If that doesn't seem like the ideal time, we can look into locations that will still have gorgeous lighting earlier in the day. OR we could always do a sunrise session! For indoor sessions we can do any time in the morning or in the afternoon before the sun begins to set. I’m always happy to help you determine what time of day will have the best lighting!

What time will my session be?

Throughout the year, I offer mini sessions! Usually people who sign up for my email list get first dibs, then I post openings on my social media! However, I do not have smaller packages due to needing ample time to capture your story!

What if I only need/want a few images?

When defining family I think of a place where each person feels connected, loved, safe, and a total sense of belonging—sailing through life together in our little safe haven. Opening up your doors, hearts, and life to another little soul through adoption is a tremendous moment worth celebrating. I want to volunteer my time to commemorate the gift of becoming a part of the family, the gift of unconditional love, with photos welcoming them home.

Free Welcome Home Sessions to celebrate your family ark

the gift of unconditional love