As a photographer and a mama those are the times I live for and want every parent to be able to hold onto when they’re little ones are grown. Invite me over and I’ll document the pieces of them you cherish.

People who strive for perfection don't know the magic of popsicle juice running down a toddler's shirt. Or the face of a part dinosaur 6-month-old screeching excitedly.

Your everyday storyteller, tiny human wrangler, and lens juggler.

Seriously, after you receive a gallery packed with personality, love, silliness, and all the little things that you want to bottle up forever you can’t even imagine setting foot back in a traditional studio.

Life changes slowly, then all in an instant. So for memory and history’s sake I picked up a camera a couple years ago. It began with taking pictures of my own family here in Silvis and slowly began to expand to taking photos for friends, then friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends.

As I spent more time around different growing families I saw how children will open up and proudly display their unique brand of shine and spirit when they feel the most free and at home. I’ve seen it in my own family’s lifestyle photos with my sweet little baby girls and even with my husband, Reece! It’s an incredibly beautiful thing and exactly what we parents want to remember.

The simple yet all too sweet moments make up the story of your life. And in my opinion they are far too beautiful not to capture.

“The time I spend with my kiddos, I will never get it back so I wanted something physical to refer back to one day. And Areli was able to capture “us” being “us” in our element. I was blown away by the images we received.”

The wild

The teeny

Capturing all the lil’ pieces of them.

The sweet

The silly

And I’ll tell you what, the little stinkers I meet are the most wondrous human beings, none like another, and steal my heart every single time.

Moving from Florida to the Midwest has truly given me a deep appreciation for community, mom & pop coffee shops, and rhubarb. Although I love a good ice white mocha and am obsessed with homemade rhubarb pies; the thing that has had the biggest impact on my life is the ever expanding family I’ve made through my church community. Faith is truly the cornerstone of my day to day and business. For people to open up their homes, family, and hearts ... to be unashamedly themselves ... to put their trust in me to tell their family story is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Blessed, coffee obsessed, and doing my best